The Westgate Residence, Brentwood CA, is a renovation of a 1948 house located in Brentwood, CA where the objective was to architecturally update the building through the use of new materials, spatial definition and openings–without increasing the overall square footage or building envelope.

Situated near a fairly busy street intersection with an abundance of foot traffic, the challenge was to create a peaceful dwelling from an existing building shell. Because the home owners are a retired couple, ease of function and overall practicality were just as important as the overall design. To do this, we used simple design solutions throughout the house, such as keeping the home a single level and incorporating a curb-less shower.

Making the most of the existing house, we created new openings for windows, doors, and skylights and removed unnecessary partitions, which allowed for the main area to feel as one large space yet contained within it, smaller and more intimate zones.

Security was an important factor to consider along with the limited outdoor space, so a courtyard was created to enclose the front yard. Douglas fir wood slats for fencing were placed at such a height that those on the sidewalk level cannot see in, but those at the higher courtyard level can see out.