Archeological Dig or Setting a Foundation?

What does it look like when you are building a foundation for a new structure or adding on to an existing house? The start of each building project where you are either adding up or on to an existing structure …

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Small Details Highlight Craftsmanship and Character

Beauty is found in the small details that make up a home’s design–whether your style is modern, contemporary, or more traditional. My firm has worked on various home styles over the years doing both completely new builds and historic restorations. …

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Glass Bridge and Skylight

Walking on Air… an innovative way to bring light into a subterranean basement. Clients seek out architects who have experience with custom home design projects because they know the value of a unique, character home and they want to be …

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  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_2-400x235.jpg
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  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_3-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_4-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_1-400x235.jpg

Custom Fabricated Steel Shade Trellis

The best outcome with any building project is when beautiful, practical, and functional can all be achieved. At one of our current projects in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills, we are working on a major renovation of the home and …

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